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As you know, we all have four different bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. We, humans, all suffer from the same problems and stresses. This is what we are going to cover here at LiberaTen.  In conclusion:  Your Health – Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual – Problems, and Solutions.


Dive in the World Of Health & Happiness

At LiberaTen, we are going to publish content and information that will help you liberate your tensions. And consequently, feel better with yourselves and with the world around you.

- Problems -


headache, chronic fatigue, obesity, pain, etc.


stress, anxiety, sadness, depression, etc.


low self-esteem, fears, phobias, obsessions, etc.


selfishness, ignorance, confused motivations, attachments, etc.

- Solutions -


good nutrition and movement.


inner peace, good habits, laughter.


good values and beliefs,
and self-awareness.


acceptance, humility, wisdom,
joy, and love.


Don’t you think that throughout our lives we come across Problems of different kinds and we strive to find the Solutions that help us solve those Problems?

On many occasions, I think that due to the rush with which we live, we forget ourselves, we put ourselves in second place, and we suffer from the Problems until they become chronic. The result is discomfort and pain in different parts of our body, or mental overwhelm and emotional anxiety caused by stress.

In any case, most of the causes that produce our discomfort, our Problems, are usually diffuse, barely seen. It’s like they’re in the dark. Therefore, I think it is essential that we illuminate them, that we give them light. To do this, the best method is inquiry through introspection.


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These are some of the secrets you will find in the eBook:

  • How To Practice Self-Reflection (Page 5)
  • Breathing Exercises (Page 6)
  • Benefits of Practicing Self-Reflection (Page 9)
  • How to decrease stress and anxiety (Page 10)
  • Better Interpersonal Relationships (Page 11) 


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Benefits of meditation

Meditating is another excellent way to help you self-reflect. All you need to do is simply sit in silence, be still, and see where your mind takes you. You may be surprised at how much you can learn about yourself through meditation.

The more we practice meditation, the more we become aware of our emotions, and even more importantly, of our emotional triggers. As a result, we become less likely to be worried and stressed out over things that are yet to happen, lowering our stress and anxiety levels.

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